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Although there are several types of trucks on the market, each of them is designed to serve a particular style in skateboarding. So what should you take into account while choosing skateboard trucks for cruising? Let’s find out the answer in this article.

Before buying any trucks, you need to know exactly your skating styles to determine your requirements. To better understand cruising as well as other styles before moving on with this post, you should spend some minutes checking out the articles at SkateAdvisors.

Skateboard trucks are used to connect the deck to the wheels and transfer your movement to the wheels. They provide support to the whole board and distribute the weight of riders as well as the vibration during skating evenly.

There are two types of skateboard trucks: reverse-kingpin trucks and standard trucks. However, for cruising, a reverse-kingpin one will be the better option for a smooth and effortless turn. Also, they can provide some enhancements in the bushings which are suitable for traveling around. On the other hand, standard trucks are more likely to be used in street skating or a skatepark halfpipe.

Usually, skateboarders prefer longboards for cruising with a wide deck; therefore, you should pay attention while purchasing to pick the right trucks with compatible width to the deck. If the deck and the trucks are not the same sizes, you can get a higher chance of wheel bite during cruising.

Additionally, a durable and reliable truck that won’t be broken halfway will be the perfect option. Unlike other styles, you can be in the middle of nowhere while traveling; therefore, a broken truck on the way may not be a good situation.

To choose durable trucks, you need to consider several factors from material to the construction of them. To understand better about these factors while buying skateboard trucks, you can visit SkateAdvisors to find out.

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