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State of Arizona

Public Communications Equipment and Services

In October 2019, the State of Arizona awarded a five (5) year contract to support public safety communications needs. This is a multiple-award, state-wide IDIQ contract that will provide communications equipment and services for public safety and other functions of State Agencies, Boards and Commissions, and Members of the State of Arizona Purchasing Cooperative.  Equipment categories include 2-way radios, digital microwave terminals, LMR base station antennas, microwave antennas, radio dispatch consoles, back-up batteries, and prefab communications shelters. Chartis earned an award for Consultation and Third-Party Oversight, which is one of two categories for services. This category requires a broad range of technical expertise to help organizations design, deploy, and maintain systems that support public safety operations and interoperability needs.

Contract Details


Contract Number


October 9, 2019 through October 8, 2024 with options to extend services through October 8, 2029


Brian Creswick, COO
703.854.1143 x 102



•  Consulting, systems engineering, and architecture services for urban and rural mission critical communications systems

•  Mission critical radio systems infrastructure, subscriber hardware, RF system design, radio propagation, frequency research

•   Identification, evaluation and recommendation of appropriate sites and infrastructure for mission critical communications towers and facilities

​​•  Knowledge of all aspects of public safety operations as they relate to communications and interoperability needs

•  Independence from manufacturers, software providers, and vendors


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