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High-performance, tactical-grade

unmanned aircraft vehicles

Periscope Test 2-01

Periscope Aviation provides high-performance, unmanned aircraft vehicles and systems that are optimized for specific mission requirements including tactical resupply, remote communications, and enhanced C6ISR. Our multi-rotor platforms are more reliable and safer than hobby-grade drones and more affordable than high-altitude, fixed wing aircraft. All Periscope solutions are built in America with components that can be purchased by U.S. federal agencies.



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Supply Delivery

Our MK4 can autonomously deliver supplies to locations impractical for other mechanisms. It is the lightest heavy-lift UAV on the market and demonstrated a 45 lb cargo range over 17.5 km.

Remote Communications

Our A3, A5, and MK4 can function as a mobile/tethered communications hub in regions with limited or no coverage. This helps ensure field personnel won’t lose comms in remote or rugged areas.

Enhanced C6ISR

Our A1, A3, and A5 offer unparalleled endurance specs. They discretely and securely collect information, over longer distances, and in conditions traditionally considered impossible for UAVs.

Counter UAS

Our A5 has speeds of up to 100 mph and can be outfitted with a variety of counter UAV payloads. It can help authorized agencies interdict, disable, and retrieve any UAV that flies in a restricted airspace.



Periscope Aviation is a venture that combines Chartis Federal’s expertise in mission-critical government systems with  expertise in UAV airframe innovation and manufacturing. We focus on solving operational challenges facing public safety, law enforcement, homeland security, and defense missions. All Periscope solutions are designed with the goal of helping operators talk, see, and reach farther with unmanned systems than ever before.

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For more information on Periscope Aviation and our aircraft and use cases, or to learn more about about scheduling a demo, email us at

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