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Repeatable Solutions: Leveraging Existing Content Collaboration Platform Investments

Are you buried in paperwork? Do you struggle to find files or maintain version control? Does your organization have trouble responding to requests in a timely manner? You are not alone. Many businesses and federal agencies struggle due to poorly documented, paper-based, and non-standard processes for data collection and file management. The good news is that your organization has likely already invested in the exact tools needed to address these problems.

Utilizing existing CCP investments, organizations can create lightweight solutions that are flexible and responsive to changing requirements — without third-party intervention or additional costs to the organization. If you have Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, let Chartis Federal help analyze and modernize your team’s business processes and file management approach today

For more information, download our white paper.

Chartis_WhitePaper_CCP Enhance Solutions
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lucas zampa
lucas zampa
Apr 19, 2022

Hi, I am Thea Lewis - Medical assistant Responsible for both administrative and clinical activities, such as maintaining patient records, assisting physicians with exams, preparing patients and rooms for examination, and conducting front-desk duties.

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